Healthful and appetizing egg products in a convenient ready-to-serve package! Kosher OU Pareve, USDA, FDA and Military approved.


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In 1987 Louis D. Dunckel set out to discover a process that would produce fresh, appetizing, ready-to-eat egg products for the institutional food preparer. After more than two years of research and collaboration with Cornell University, Dunckel’s dream was realized when his company, Egg Low Farms, patented a unique cooking, cooling and packaging process and production began in 1989. Egg Low Farms provides quality, service, and continues to bring healthful and appetizing egg products in a convenient ready-to-serve package to the food service industry.



The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Egg Low Farms utilizes a HACCP quality control program developed in part by Cornell University. Fresh grade A shell eggs are washed, sanitized, candled and transferred to egg breaking equipment. Each egg is broken, inspected for quality, and cooked in stainless steel pans in a steam-heated cooking tunnel. Temperatures and times are carefully controlled to maintain the highest quality standards for texture, color and aroma. The cooked eggs are hot-filled into special Combitherm form and fill bags, chilled, and shipped to customers in refrigerated trucks.